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Although a vast majority of people get their water from a municipal water source, over 20 million people have privately owned wells. This section is designed to provide private well owners with general information on water quality and the special needs of well water users.

* Basic Water Testing
* Odor and Color Problems
* Treatment of Well Water

Rain Water Filter



A well is made by reaching groundwater in the water table. Groundwater is stored naturally below the earth's surface. Most groundwater originates as rain or snow that seeps into the ground and collects. Groundwater provides about 20 percent of the freshwater used in Kerala. Most rural areas, and some cities depend on groundwater as their source for water.
Water being lifted from a traditional well;



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Rainwater Storage solutions

We are a company based in Thodupuzha, providing products and installation services for all types of Rainwater Harvesting.

Agriculture enabled the beginning of human civilization by enabling the formation of permanent settlements, and irrigation was key to the success of agriculture.


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